Do Not Ignore Your Credit Score

There are a few ways to improve your credit score, and you should become proactive and begin the process as soon as possible. Is your credit debt balance more than 10% of the allowable limit? If so you should think about paying it down to 10% or less (for example your limit is $1000, so you should seek to have your balance be $100 or less).  Are you paying your credit card payments? If so you should start paying your credit payments on time. Do you have little small collections? If so you should consider attempting to settle them for example 10 cents on the dollar and see if you can get them to completely remove them from your credit report.  I would consider pulling your credit with and sign up for the 3:1 program, so you can control and manage your credit. Your credit score is a reflection of you actions and decisions, so let’s get your credit ready for those snooty banks. It is easier to start now rather than waiting for the last second.

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