HUD homes in Chandler AZ

HUD homes in Chandler AZ make a great opportunity!

Many consumers in this current economic environment are looking for bargains and deals, and we firmly believe HUD properties deliver a valuable and affordable alternative in real estate housing purchases. The federal government is the owner of the HUD properties. These properties come from FHA insured properties, which go through a foreclosure process, and then handed over to HUD.

What areas can you find HUD homes? This is a very simple answer. You can find HUD homes in any city or subdivision, which does FHA financing. FHA mortgages have ceiling limits, so in some areas you will not find HUD housing opportunities. You will with no questions be able to find HUD homes in Chandler AZ, and surrounding cities.

Besides being affordable what are the other benefits of purchasing a HUD home? HUD homes come with a free FHA appraisal report, free home inspection report, free termite inspection report when purchasing a HUD home in Chandler AZ with FHA financing, and you can even do repair loans with HUD properties.

Who can buy a HUD home? HUD properties are offered first to primary residence owner occupant purchasers. However, if the home is not FHA insurable they offer the home to the general public. Commonly however, the 1st 30 days is restricted to owner occupants. This does not include 2nd residence.

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James Sanson

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